This benefit is included in the Tufts Health Direct plan and Tufts Health Together plan at no cost to you.

Good Measures is a personalized nutrition coaching program powered by registered dietitians and digital technology.

  • Your personal coach: Talk anytime by phone or online – daytimes, evenings, and weekends
  • App and website: Track your progress and get meal and snack suggestions based on foods you like and nutrients you need


  • Make better food choices at home and when eating out
  • Improve your digestive health
  • Lose weight and get in better shape
  • Strengthen your immune system and increase your energy
  • Prevent, lower your risk of, or better manage diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other conditions
  • Better manage stress and improve sleep quality

Personalized health insights

Good Measures technology enables our nutrition coaches to turn your eating preferences, exercise habits, lifestyle, and any medical conditions you may have into personal health insights.

With these insights, your coach can recommend a nearly endless number of combinations of delicious meals and snacks with balanced portion sizes based on foods you already like.

See How Good Measures Works


"There are so many false claims and so much misinformation on nutrition, Good Measures sorts that out for me."

"Eye-opening. Easy to use. This is way better than Dieting!"

"The changes were slow and manageable and at my own pace, that’s why I kept going and didn’t quit like I have before."

"I got off my blood pressure medicine."

"Counting calories just didn’t work for me. Understanding how to eat well is so much better. I got better results."

"My blood sugar level has never been better."

"My trainer told me that ‘good abs begin in the kitchen’. Good Measures has helped me make healthy eating a big part of my training."

"Eating a healthful diet doesn’t mean losing the joy of eating."

"I lost 10 pounds eating the food I like."

"I don’t want an eating plan that emphasizes NO. I prefer to eat everything but with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions that Good Measures gives me."

"I wanted to lose weight, but couldn’t. Then I learned I was eating too little!"

"I learned that when I eat can be as important as what I eat."

"I lost weight without starving myself. People noticed. I’m thinner and happier."

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