Good Measures Featured In the 2014 Joslin Diabetes Center Innovation Report

Six years ago, when Elle Shaheen was new to making food choices as a way to help manage her type 1 diabetes, she exclaimed, “Mom, why does this have to be so hard?” Her mother, Stefany Shaheen, stepped up to address the challenge.

Together with George Bennett, Ph.D., the pair launched Good Measures. Working with a Joslin team, led by Catherine Carver, M.S., A.N.P., C.D.E., Vice President of Clinical Innovation, Good Measures incorporated Joslin’s nutritional guidelines, meal plans and exercise recommendations into a state-of-the-art digital platform.

By combining this technology with the know-how of registered dietitian nutritionists and certified diabetes educators, including Amanda Kirpitch, R.D., M.A., C.S.S.D., L.D.N., C.D.E., Good Measures and Joslin can now provide patients with real-time support via phone, e-mail or even in person. Steeped in Joslin’s nutritional guidelines, dietitians are helping patients better manage eating and exercise habits to achieve better health.

When on the go and trying to juggle personal preferences, nutritional needs and medical conditions, people have support where and when they need it—at the grocery store, work, school or in a restaurant. Elle, now 15 and still receiving her care at Joslin, is benefitting from this breakthrough approach every day.

She is working with a registered dietitian periodically and refers to her Good Measures smartphone app several times daily. “It takes out the guesswork,” she says. “I can mix and match meals, and track my food choices. It’s given me a lot of confidence.”